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Starfield Launch: No NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS, but AMD FSR 2 Included

Starfield Launch: No NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS, but AMD FSR 2 Included
Aug 21, 2023

Starfield isn't too far away now, with news that we're only going to be seeing AMD FSR 2 support in the game -- the only AI upscaling tech will be from AMD, with no sight of NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS -- at least at launch.

Now that Starfield pre-loading has begun on both the Xbox and PC, gamers are starting to take a look inside the code, with Twitter user Sebastian Castellanos noting there are no references to NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS in Starfield. He tweeted: "So after combing through Starfield preload files on PC, I don't see any sign of it supporting DLSS/XeSS. If true I think this would generate a lot of backlash for Bethesda & AMD (due to their refusal to confirm whether they block rival GPU vendor techs in their sponsored games)".

Bethesda is obviously going to use AMD FSR -- or FidelityFX Super Resolution, AI-powered upscaling -- over NVIDIA DLSS or Intel XeSS. Why? Because Bethesda Game Studios teamed with AMD for Starfield on the PC side of things, meaning that AMD Ryzen CPUs and AMD Radeon GPUs are going to be heavily promoted for Starfield.

If you're in need of a new Gaming PC for Starfield, we've got a handy "Best Gaming PC for Starfield at 4K 60FPS" article above, while Starfield will require a huge 140GB of storage space on your Gaming PC

Starfield launches on September 6, while launching 5 days earlier on September 1 for those who have purchased the Premium Edition version of Starfield.