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Starfield Requires 140GB Of Storage On Your Gaming PC

Starfield Requires 140GB Of Storage On Your Gaming PC
Aug 18, 2023

Bethesda has kicked off the pre-loading process for Starfield today, and now we know how much storage space the game requires on both Xbox and the PC. The Xbox version of Starfield weighs in at 126GB, but the PC version takes up a chunky 140GB of storage space... so prepare your SSDs, gamers.

If you're pre-loading on the PC you can do it right now, but if you purchased Starfield through Steam... then you'll have to wait until August 30 to pre-load the game onto your PC. A question you might have, is why is Starfield so big? Well, let's let Lead Landscape Artist on Starfield, Matt Carofano, explains that: "In every one of our games, we always put so much care into all those little details that breathe life into our worlds. But Starfield isn't just a Bethesda Game Studios world. It's a Bethesda Game Studios galaxy. So why go this big with Starfield? Because we want to give you freedom on a galactic level. A freedom to experience both the exciting planets and the quiet ones".

Starfield releases on September 6, although it releases on September 1 for anyone who orders the Premium Edition of Starfield... five days of additional time playing the game before everyone else does.