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Allied Gaming has spent countless hours of research sorting through all of the PC hardware offerings so that you have the best selection to choose from. But what are the components that will give you the most performance for your money?

The CPU is one of the most important parts in your custom gaming PC. Almost every process conducted by your computer is directly or indirectly affected by the CPU. If your CPU’s performance is too low then you will end up bottlenecking your entire PC and your performance will be limited no matter how much RAM or what kind of graphics card you put in. AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors start from entry-level 4-core models right through to 16-core gaming juggernauts that will never bottleneck your performance, no matter what you throw at it.

Graphics are a huge part of gaming, so it makes sense that a graphics card is a key performance enhancer in a custom gaming PC. While some CPUs come with integrated graphics which could take the place of a graphics card, a dedicated graphics card is pretty much required in any medium to high-end gaming build. A good graphics card is the determining factor of what kind of graphic settings you can play your games on. So if you plan on running all of your games on high settings then don’t cheap out on your graphics card. NVIDIA’s GTX and RTX series cards have been performance mainstays for many years, while AMD’s Radeon RX series cards have gained ground and now offer competitive alternatives for gaming at all resolutions and quality settings.

The third biggest factor in your PCs performance will be your hard drive, specifically the addition of a solid-state drive in your custom gaming build. NVME SSDs are insanely fast compared to the older HDDs so you will want to make sure to incorporate one that’s at least big enough to hold your operating system. If you are used to using a PC with an older hard disk drive, prepare yourself to go from a 30+ second startup to just a few seconds with an SSD. It makes a huge difference.

Being a true end-to-end gaming brand, Allied also offers a range of branded PC gaming components that will are used in our builds to enhance both your custom gaming PC’s performance and appeal. Components such as Allied TaskForce RAMAllied Engin power suppliesAllied IceCube All-In-One Liquid CoolersAllied Mach-9 Fan Kits and Allied Nebula RGB Lighting Kits are all used in builds and available for separate purchase.

If you are unsure of where to start or how much a good custom gaming PC can cost, check out this article on how much a good custom gaming PC should cost. It can give you some excellent pointers on hardware and the performance it provides.