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May 25, 2020    Christian    Custom Gaming PC

Where is the best place to buy a custom gaming PC in Australia

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As technology advances, the number of individuals building custom PCs is on the rise.

This is especially true in highly populated first-world areas such as the United States and Australia. In these areas, the number of stores selling pre-built PCs has begun to decrease. In contrast, those selling computer parts and highly customizable rigs have taken a steep rise.

This is happening because custom-built PCs have several advantages over pre-builts, as well as properties and specifications that mass manufacturing computer companies can’t match. As such, the number of households with custom builds will likely continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

This presents an important question, however. Where is the best place to buy a custom gaming PC in Australia?

It’s an excellent question, and we commend you for taking the leap into the technological age and trying to discover where it’s best to purchase a custom PC within your home country.

This article will explain to you all of the information pertinent to your search for the ultimate rig, such as the advantages of owning a custom build, what you should look for when buying, and why the best place to make your purchase is with us at Allied Gaming.

What are the advantages of a custom-built PC?

Custom build computers have an incredible array of advantages. The only area in which they are inferior to pre-builts is the convenience factor – that is, being able to walk into a store and purchase one and then walk out.

No, for custom rigs, it takes a bit longer. Even if you order one online from us or anywhere else, you still have to wait for the delivery.

That, however, is where prebuilt advantages cease.

Custom builds are superior in every other way, providing the owner with never-before-seen customization abilities, endless avenues to save money, and performance like you’ve never experienced before.

It is common knowledge that the same company or its subcontractors manufacture all parts in a prebuilt PC. Take Apple, for example.

Apple manufactures everything in a Mac. This means your customization options are minimal. Should you not like how your GPU runs, for example, you don’t have many avenues for change.

More than that, however, when you have a prebuilt that needs parts, you often come out many hundreds of dollars poorer. This is because large companies specially design their products so only their components will work, enabling them to charge as much as they want for spares or replacements.

With a good custom build, these issues don’t apply. You can customize and interchange parts until you have performance perfect for you. You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg, as there aren’t any companies choking off supply and demand so that you can get more bang for your buck.

What Should I look for in a Good Custom Build?

There are a number of important things to look for in a custom build, many of which a lot of first-time and even second-time buyers don’t consider.

Quiet cooling, for example. Who wants to turn on their PC every day to hear the ungodly loud whir of a poorly made fan? Plus, the whir always gets worse when you start running intense programs. At that point, you get left with a PC that sounds like it’s about to replicate the SpaceX launch.

There are, however, quiet fan options (these are a bit more expensive than your generic fan cooling system) or liquid cooling.

Liquid cooling is going to likely drive up the cost of your PC, but it is definitely worth it in terms of silence and efficiency.

Furthermore, you want to look for something that either has a lot of RAM or possesses the ability to install extra.

RAM is incredibly important to the performance of your PC, and most games on sites like Steam and Itch.io have minimum RAM requirements. In fact, any game worth its salt is going to. That means anything less than 8GB isn’t going to cut it and you realistically need something more towards the realm of 16GB for any kind of future-proofing

Last, you need to search for an outstanding CPU and GPU. These are the two biggest price points in a custom rig, and for good reason. Your CPU and GPU massively affect the performance of your computer, more than anything else in there.

There isn’t an easy frame of reference for what is considered “good” or “outstanding” as far as these two go because there are so many variants, but if you go for an Intel CPU, you generally don’t want to dip below an i5 for serious gaming, and with an AMD CPU, you want to keep it at or above a Ryzen 5.

In terms of GPU, it is also hard to pin down what exactly to look for, but a good starting point is to look at the memory speed, the model number, and the pricepoint. Memory size is relatively self-explanatory, the higher the model number and pricepoint the better the performance in terms of frame rates, monitor refresh rates that can be sustained, and resolutions and quality settings that can be attained.

There is a rule of diminishing returns to keep in mind too; that is, the higher up in model/pricepoint you go the performance will certainly keep improving, but by relatively smaller amounts over the card below it. As a general rule, a middle-tier graphics card will do almost all of the things you need it to, especially when paired with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Custom Rig?

Some people want the benefits of having a custom rig without the drawbacks of building it, and that’s okay.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of those people.

In purchasing a good custom rig, you want to shop somewhere where the most basic PC they sell exceeds the specifications outlined in this article.

At Allied Gaming, we do this effortlessly.

Our most basic build, the Allied Stinger, is our starter rig and a force to be reckoned with.

This build meets all of the expectations of a good custom PC. Built on a sturdy foundation of solid CPUs from AMD and Intel (namely the Ryzen 3 3100 and Core i3-10100F), this PC also has upgrade options for your computer performance. And it only gets better from there.

This rig doubles the basic RAM requirements needed for a punchy PC build, weighing in at 16GB for the basic model with additional upgrade options (up to a whopping 64 GB!).

With these specs, this rig can easily run titles that aren’t massively demanding, such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty: Warzone. It can manage specific AAA titles as well, making it ideal for casual gamers who want great bang for their buck.

The Allied Patriot again starts out in the middle ground specifications wise, but you’ll notice that it supports both higher tier processors and graphics cards, thanks to enhanced airflow and a larger overall size allowing for bigger components and higher-tier processor cooling. That’s why it’s out most versatile PC – it packs a whallop without an overwhelmingly large footprint.

If physical space isn’t an issue for you, the Allied M.O.A.B. makes the biggest visual statement of all and is where the shackles truly are unleashed. There is nothing the M.O.A.B. can’t handle, and the maximum specifications available in the build make that obvious; it’s the realm of 16-core processors where few other systems dare to tread.

With a perfectly capable build for newcomers and rigs that only get better from there, you can be confident Allied is the best of the best when it comes to custom build PCs.

Key Takeaways

Custom PCs are, and always will be, superior to mass-manufactured, monopolized pre-builts. Generally, you won’t find a pre-built gaming PC worth its salt, and if you do, you can be confident it’s going to take a massive chunk out of your bank account.

With custom PCs on the rise, it is easier than ever to find a computer perfect for you, whether you build it yourself or not.

At Allied Gaming, we have combined the benefits of building your PC with the simple, easy convenience of purchasing something ready to use as soon as it comes in.

Our custom PC options have endless upgrades, making the number of price points and specification requirements we can meet virtually unlimited.

In short, Allied Gaming is the perfect place to purchase a custom, worry-free PC build that you can plugin and use the moment it comes out of its box.

The best part? Purchasing one of these unique builds is as simple as visiting our website, choosing your preferences, and adding it to your cart.

With Allied, quality gaming has never been more accessible.

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