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May 25, 2020    Christian    Custom Gaming PC

Who makes the best custom gaming PC in Australia

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As custom-built PCs gain popularity, the industry of providing these builds is becoming increasingly overpopulated. This spells out issues for the consumer, as the number of first-time custom build buyers is skyrocketing as well.

The lack of transparency in the industry doesn’t help, either. The sheer number of websites with unclear prices and overwhelming specifications can be confusing, and can occasionally leave you not knowing exactly what you paid for.

This leaves many in Australia with a question that begs an answer – what company sells the best custom gaming PC?

Who can you rely on to provide you with a professional quality build without ripping you off and shipping you a piece of rubbish?

Luckily, the answer is short, sweet, and simple.

The answer is us: Allied Gaming.

What Defines the “Best Custom Gaming PC”?

Every PC build begins with a budget. Once you determine how much you’re willing to spend, the remainder of the planning process is simply balancing your parts in such a way that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

For example, if you want something quick but don’t necessarily play graphic-intensive games, you obviously wouldn’t pour 90% of your budget into a state-of-the-art GPU.

In our opinion, the “best custom gaming PC” is a unit that is the perfect blend of high-performing specs at a low cost.

Our Allied Stinger is a prime example of this principle. In crafting the Stinger, we performed an intense series of checks and balances to bring you a gaming PC that far outperforms others in the same price bracket without sacrificing style or class.

In addition to world-class AMD and Intel processors (depending on the model you choose), we also included 16 GB of top-of-the-line DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GPU guaranteed to get the job done.

This is just one example of our high-demand custom builds, and each one comes with a number of customization options so you can pick and choose the specs you want until your custom rig is perfect for your budget.

We also provide shipping with the utmost care, ensuring your build is delivered to you not only in one piece but in prime condition, including double boxing, high-absorptive foam surrounding the PC and internal packaging to minimise the risk of components become dislodged of damaged during transit.

Why is Allied Gaming the Best at Producing Custom PCs?

There are several reasons we are the best at producing custom PCs, so we’ll start with the basics.

Allied Gaming was founded on the principle that we make high-performance PCs more accessible than anyone else. Not to mention, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry in Australia since the beginning.

In the time since our establishment, we have grown and evolved so that we provide only the highest quality, latest technology at the most affordable prices.

More than that, though, we offer customization options for every budget out there, as well as every buyer experience level.

For customers buying their PCs for the first time, we offer a base configuration on each of our PC models – the Stinger, the Patriot and the M.O.A.B. – that performs exceptionally and require no additional choices, ensuring first-time buyers can find whatever they may be looking for.

For more advanced, seasoned PC gamers, each of our base builds has an impressive array of upgrades available, from additional RAM to a higher-performing CPU, to additional RBG lighting and liquid cooling. Whether you want better computer specs or just something that looks more aesthetically pleasing, we have the upgrades you’re looking for.

We offer comprehensive warranties, so you can be sure you’re getting what you paid for. For every PC we sell, we include a complimentary Return-to-Base warranty, and for those who like additional protection, we offer additional options up to 3 years with free lifetime technical support.

And if you don’t like to wait? Well, we have something for that too. Every rig has an upgrade for expedited build and shipping time, so you can have a premium PC without having to wait months to receive it.

How Do I Order a Customized PC From Allied Gaming?

Ordering a gaming PC online can sometimes prove to be incredibly complicated. From websites that aren’t set up properly to unclear and sometimes arbitrary upgrade options to check-outs that won’t verify your payment info (seriously, what is up with that?), it can quickly become a hassle.

Fortunately, ordering from Allied is incredibly simple. All you have to do is go to our website, select your preferred model which are different in visual style and physical size and decide if you would prefer to have an Intel or AMD processor. It really is that simple.

Our upgrade options are simple and self-explanatory, and we don’t hide our price, unlike other custom PC providers. For any and all of our upgrades, you can find the cost right there next to it in parenthesis.

We believe in being completely transparent with our customers, and won’t ever try to hide pertinent information from you.

Key Takeaways

We won’t lie to you, shopping for a custom PC can be a daunting, confusing process, and the number of custom-build companies currently flooding the market isn’t making it any easier.

At Allied, however, we have your back. We provide the best custom gaming PC in Australia, and we have the history and the reviews to back it up.

With us, you’ll receive premium products at premium price points, and you won’t ever have to guess how much you’re paying– it’ll be right there on your screen.

Not only that, but we also don’t believe in abandoning our clients after they’ve made their purchase. We provide free and paid warranty options and free, all-inclusive lifetime technical support, so you don’t ever feel like you’re taking on the world of custom PCs alone.

In short, it is all of this and so much more that makes Allied Gaming the best custom gaming PC provider in Australia.

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