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May 22, 2020    Christian    Gaming Desktop

What is the best gaming desktop?

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Most would think that the best gaming desktop would have the best processor and graphics card to power a smooth experience to their monitor, however this isn’t true. There is much more to a system that can make it the best of its calibre. The following article will inform you of what we believe to the best gaming desktop needs, in the year 2020, which will fit the needs of a gamer who wants to experience the very best.

Firstly, we’ll start with the foundation of a gaming PC which is its desktop case. For example, we have our Allied M.O.A.B case which is designed for reduced noise and improved airflow which is very crucial for a gaming system. Having adequate cooling to keep temperatures low while gaming is important to ensure your PC has a stable frame rate. The M.O.A.B case also offers custom liquid cooling support for both CPU and GPU which are designed to keep your PC damn cool and look sh*t hot.

Both AMD and Intel are very competitive with their tier one processors, Intel establishes their Intel Core i9 10900K CPU as being the “most powerful gaming processor ever” while AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X CPU loses to the Intel Core i9 in gaming performance but smashes it in content creation workloads with examples such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, Blender and many more. For gaming purposes, we recommend the i9 10900K when selecting your Allied M.O.A.B if you’re going for the very best processor gaming processor out right now but if you’re looking for value or if you’re wanting an all-rounder system, then the Ryzen 9 3950X is a no brainer.

Your decision on which motherboard you’ll select for your system is very important as it will enable your system to deliver the latest advancements upon the previous generation. If you are wanting the best, we would recommend the Z490 motherboard with an Intel Processor or the X570 motherboard with your AMD processor. Purchasing the correct motherboard for your processor tier is very important as you do not want to skimp out on either one, a bad example for a CPU and motherboard combination would be an Intel H410 motherboard with an Intel Core i9-10900K. We’ve designed our gaming PC line-up with this information in mind, to offer the correct motherboard and CPU pairing which will benefit your gaming experience. We also recommend ensuring that you select an NVME M.2 SSD to ensure the fastest possible read/write speeds available for your operating system. If are looking for gaming dedicated drive, then selecting an additional SSD or HDD is suggested.

Your graphics card within your system plays a big role in terms of achieving an output of buttery smooth frames as you run through a warzone of gunfire above and explosions all around you. As of currently, AMD and NVIDIA have the monopoly in terms of having a wide range available of graphics cards for consumers with different prices and specifications. In terms of performance, NVIDIA has the outright winner which is RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Pairing two of these cards while using NVLink (formally known as SLI) will give you the very best performance during gaming at any compatible resolution and refresh rate. As of currently, AMD don’t have a graphics card to rival the RTX 2080 Ti, but there are possibilities that they could come back in the near future with a comparable, if not, more powerful graphics card line-up to pit against NVIDIA’s current RTX graphics card line-up.

A powerful gaming system needs a compatible RAM kit to run correctly, this is very necessary for triple-A gaming titles these days which can pull over 8GB+ RAM when the system is under load. The allocated RAM is increased depending on the bandwidth that is available as you bring your graphics preset up; Ultra, High, etc – this is also present for your graphics card’s VRAM. 16GB RAM has been a staple for most gaming systems at the present time. If you believe the idea of having a few extra browser tabs open or leaving your games running in the background is compelling, then we would personally recommend 32GB RAM as that would be beneficial for your productivity use. 64GB RAM is not necessary for gaming at all however you might be looking towards that amount if you were, for example, using a Ryzen 9 workstation PC for video rending, streaming, etc. Another important factor for RAM is its rated speed. Having a high RAM speed isn’t necessary for Intel gaming systems too much, as it is nowhere close to how much a high rated kit would improve the experience on a Ryzen gaming system. For Ryzen, it affects both single-core and multi-core performance which will heavily affect your game’s low and high FPS stability. If you’re going Ryzen, we recommend a 3200MHz or above RAM kit. We enable D.O.C.P, which is AMD’s equivalent for Intel’s XMP, to ensure that you will be able to achieve a much better FPS during gameplay on your PC. Intel systems with a configured 3200MHz or above RAM kit will also have XMP enabled as well.

Alongside your powerful components, you’ll also need to consider your system’s power supply which will be inputting the correct voltage and wattage to the components within your system. Depending on the overall power consumption of your configuration, which is mainly processor and graphics card focused, we would recommend selecting sticking with the base 750W 80+ gold power supply with a single graphics card system. If you’re looking at configuring a dual graphics card system then a 1200W 80+ Platinum Power supply would be highly suggested.

With the information in mind, we recommend checking out the Allied M.O.A.B which we believe to be the best and most powerful gaming desktop that we offer, the Allied M.O.AB-A and the Allied M.O.AB-I.

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