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Allied Stinger Gaming PC


  • Housing high quality, high performing components in a compact MATX case with a premium gloss-white finish, the Stinger is the ideal entry point into PC gaming and a perfect introduction to the Allied Gaming Desktop PC range.
  • Under the hood you’ll find configuration options from the AMD Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processor families, paired with NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics options geared towards 1080P and 1440P gaming.
  • View our range of Ready To Ship Stinger builds or configure your own Stinger


  • A step up in both power and functionality, the Allied Patriot gaming desktop PC is built in a premium ATX case that offers unmatched airflow, thanks to its triple-side intake fan set-up, quadra exhaust fan set--up, and fish tank tempered glass design.
  • Configuration options are virtually limitless, thanks to the cases’ versatility in housing high-performance components that need maximum airflow, and interior components shine in all their glory through the full length tempered glass side panel.
  • View our range of Ready To Ship Patriot builds or configure your own Patriot
Allied M.O.A.B. Gaming PC


  • The pinnacle of prebuilt PC performance and striking aesthetics is offered by the Allied M.O.A.B. A hulking, full-tower brute, the M.O.A.B. can handle every consumer-grade desktop processor and graphics card on the market.
  • Complete your aesthetic with Allied Ice Cube liquid coolers or go all-out with a Hardline custom liquid cooling loop
  • With 7 Allied Mach-9 RGB fans installed and capable of housing up to 360mm radiators, the Allied M.O.A.B. is designed to shock and awe in every way and targeted at PC gamers who demand the very best and very boldest.
  • View our range of Ready To Ship M.O.A.B builds or configure your own M.O.A.B

Any one of these three could be the best-prebuilt gaming PC for you. It’s up to you to decide, based on a few factors:

  • What is your budget? Are you looking for the maximum frames per dollar spent, or is money no object?
  • What is your intended use? Do you play mostly Esports titles, or are you into the latest AAA games and seeking to play them at the highest resolution and frames per second possible?
  • What is your hardware preference? Are you team blue (Intel), or team red (AMD), or does it not matter in the slightest to you?


We’ve covered the concept of PC Tiers and their respective performance and pricing in this article, but the most important thing to realise is this:

Your prebuilt gaming PC doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our range of gaming desktops scales from budget-friendly options such as the Stinger-A and Allied Stinger-I, the options for which will get you into your favourite Esports and core gaming titles, for less. If you’re happy to step it up a tier or ten, the Allied Patriot-A and Patriot-I and M.O.A.B.-A and M.O.A.B.-I have processor and graphics options to satiate even the most demanding gamer for whom compromise simply isn’t an option.

And don’t forget, when you buy a prebuilt gaming PC from us, it’s been assembled from hand-picked components, fully stress tested with Operating system and driver installation, packed, shipped and will be supported by a team of local professionals whose passion and enthusiasm for this machine matches your own.

All of this is backed by our commitment to lowering the cost of PC gaming for gamers of all persuasions, so you’ll find that, spec for spec, our systems are priced well below others in the industry.

Put simply, we believe these are the prices you should be paying for a top-notch prebuilt gaming PC.


If you’ve built your own PC or purchased a simple prebuilt PC elsewhere, and are now looking to kit it out to give it that distinct gaming feel, there’s a stack of Allied products to help you with that. We’ve written an article covering the tips and tricks to help turn your prebuilt PC into a gaming PC, and here are the gaming components we offer to get you moving:

  • Storage Drives: With no moving parts, solid-state drives eliminate spin-up times of conventional hard disk drives, delivering superior read and write speeds with increased reliability. Get into the game faster with Allied’s range of 2.5” and m.2 form factor solid-state storage.
  • Memory: Available in a range of capacities and frequencies, RAM modules help make low-latency gaming a reality for your gaming PC build. All RAM models we use feature RGB heatsinks which can be synced with your overall system lighting. While generally speaking higher frequency = better performance, be sure to check that both your processor and motherboard are compatible with the capacity and frequency you’re considering buying, as there are some quirks to be aware of.
  • Power Supplies: We use a range of power supplies that deliver 80 Plus rated, highly efficient, ultra-reliable power for even the most power-hungry gaming desktops. The Allied A-series power supplies are designed to offer the power you can depend on, without breaking the bank.
  • Liquid Coolers: The Allied Ice Cube 120mm, 240mm and 360mm liquid coolers are highly recommended for processor cooling. All three models skived copper heatsinks, a three-phase brushless motor and driver, reliable FEP tubing and low noise operation, plus that all-important RGB to squeeze a few extra frames out of your CPU.
  • RGB System Fans: Featuring a unique, stylish 9-blade design, and available in single, double and triple packs, Allied Mach-9 RGB fans will pull cool air into or push hot air out of your PC with style.
  • LED Lighting: Controllable via bundled remote control and compatible with motherboard 4-pin RGB headers, and capable of displaying a huge range of colours and modes, add the final flourish of all-important RGB to your PC with the Allied Nebula RGB lighting kit.


MOAB Gaming PC Internals

Looking for information on software updates you should do when you get a prebuilt gaming PC? Check out our quick guide here.

We've also written this handy guide on how to optimize your prebuilt PC for gaming, covering power management settings and specific updates to consider once you’ve got your prebuilt gaming PC up and running.