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The Sims 5 Teased: Free-To-Play With User-Generated Content

The Sims 5 Teased: Free-To-Play With User-Generated Content
Jul 03, 2023

We are hearing more about The Sims 5, which is internally known as Project Rene, where through some new job listings we're hearing The Sims 5 will be free-to-play at launch with user-generated content thrown into the mix. You can be sure that The Sims 5 will run on our range of Ready to Ship Gaming PCs.

A new job posting for Head of Monetisation and Marketplace shared by EA on the Maxis Careers page teases some of the responsibilities the new staffer will have, as well as more details on how the in-game marketplace might work in The Sims 5. The job posting teased: "Own Project Rene's in-game marketplace of content and UGC (free and paid), and manage a data-informed player-centric player purchase journey".

Another responsibility reads: "Maximising value to players, optimising player spend patterns, and minimising player churn".

The new staffer would also be responsible for "pricing all of the content in this free-to-enter game, ensuring we have an optimal pricing and content architecture" as well as "provide guidance to content teams on in-game content needs to meet player demand".

Now, you might be thinking what does "free-to-enter" mean... as it definitely has the hairs on my neck standing up, but it could just mean The Sims 5 is free-to-play, or free-to-enter as the job posting details it. I guess we'll find out more in the weeks and months to come. Meanwhile, if you want to prepare for The Sims 5, you can configure your new Gaming PC.