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Overwatch 2 gets community-made map

Overwatch 2 gets community-made map "Talantis"
Apr 26, 2023

Blizzard Entertainment has just unveiled its inaugural community-designed map for Overwatch 2, making it accessible to players on every platform. The announcement was made via the official Overwatch Twitter account, where the team disclosed that the new map would be featured in the game's Arcade mode.

Accompanying the tweet was a video showcasing the map in all its glory. It quickly becomes apparent that Talantis, with its underwater theme and enormous fish encircling the play area, boasts a distinct visual aesthetic not commonly found in the game... like, it's totally underwater, which is cool... pun intended.

The 5v5 Talantis map shares similarities with other Overwatch 2 maps, as both teams are challenged to gain control of the central area. To reach the objective, players can utilise a lift. Victory is awarded to the team that captures the objective twice, and all three rounds take place in the same location.

While not yet confirmed, it appears plausible that Talantis will be the first in a series of community-created maps to grace the popular hero shooter.