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Intel 14th Gen Core Rumour: Crazy CPU clocks of up to Insane 6.5GHz!

Intel 14th Gen Core Rumour: Crazy CPU clocks of up to Insane 6.5GHz!
May 08, 2023

Intel's latest 13th Gen Core "Raptor Lake" CPUs are already impressive enough, reaching up to a rather huge 6.0GHz, but they need some serious cooling and use some serious power to get there. What about the upcoming refresh?

That's where the latest rumours from leaker Moore's Law is Dead come into play, who is teasing some specs on Intel's upcoming 14th Gen Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" CPUs, which are expected to launch in Q3 2023, so only a few months from now. The new CPUs will reportedly arrive in both desktop "S" and mobility "HX" versions, sitting alongside the Meteor Lake-P and Meteor Lake-M families.

Now, onto that juicy rumour... 

Intel is expected to not include more than an 18+6 core configuration with its upcoming 14th Gen Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" CPUs but will introduce new SKUs instead. We're expecting a 6+8 and 2+8 SKU which should fill the shoes of new Core i5 and Core i3 processor designs. 

We are expecting the flagship 14th Gen Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" to boost up to an impressive 6.2GHz but we could see something even crazier: higher-binned variants reaching 6.5GHz, which I truly can't wait to see. Considering the Core i9-13900K hits 5.8GHz, and the Core i9-13900KS reaches 6.0GHz, the truly lofty heights of 6.2GHz let alone 6.5GHz, are going to be wicked to see in the silicon flesh. Bring it on!