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Diablo IV: Salvage Or Sell Your Loot? Let's Help You!

Diablo IV: Salvage Or Sell Your Loot? Let's Help You!
Jun 22, 2023

Diablo IV is out in the wild and it is addictive as hell... personally, I'm playing the Sorcerer class and hit Level 36 last night. But there are times that I've thought... should I be selling, or salvaging my items? 

You can pick up a crazy amount of loot across your journey in Diablo IV, some of it is junk that you can just dump quickly, or you can keep it and then store it, salvage it or sell it. But what's best? That's what we're here for... to help decide what's the best option. There's a varying rank of rare tiers of loot, which spans across common items through to Legendary items. The selling value of the loot is your indicator to how good it is, but selling that loot isn't always the best option in Diablo IV.

I've found that I've been salvaging most of my gear, especially if I've picked up some Legendary loot that isn't as good as the Legendary items that I'm equipped with, so I'll salvage it. Salvaging is great from higher-tier loot -- and especially Legendary loot -- as you'll get materials for upgrading the other items that you wouldn't otherwise be able to find in Diablo IV. The higher level the items are, well, the materials to find get just as rare to find. 

However, if you need more gold then selling your items is another option, so that you can spend your gold on other things. 

Our advice on Legendary items: salvage it, don't sell it. You will get more from salvaging your rare and Legendary items than you will from more gold unless you need more gold. But if you're upgrading your weapons and armour, then salvaging is what you want to do to get more parts for those precious (and powerful) upgrades.

Need more gold? Farm for it. Go out and kill more, everything... you'll find more gold easily. If you're in urgent need of more precious gold and have items in your inventory that you can get rid of, sell them.