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Check out this cancelled AMD Radeon RX 8000

Check out this cancelled AMD Radeon RX 8000 "Navi 4C" GPU
Aug 15, 2023

AMD is reportedly reversing out of the high-end gaming GPU market according to the latest rumours, but now we've got infamous leaker Moore's Law is Dead leaking out the reportedly cancelled AMD Navi 4C GPU.

Navi 4C would've been the flagship AMD Radeon RX 8000 GPU -- probably the Radeon RX 8900 XTX -- codenamed Navi 4C, with up to 4 different Navi 4X GPUs cancelled (boo). The leaked diagram from Moore's Law is Dead shows a particularly large package substrate that was home to 4 dies: 3 x AIDs (Active Interposer Dies) and a single MID (Multimedia + I/O die). Each AID would've housed up to 3 SEDs (Shader Engine Dies) which makes for a complex setup underneath the RDNA 4 GPU architecture.

We're only seeing a single side of the design, with MLID noting that there should be memory controller dies on each side, but we don't know how many of them there would've been... as it was cancelled. 

AMD would've reportedly used between 13 to 20 chiplets on the Navi 4C GPU, which would've been a huge increase over the Navi 31 multi-die design, with a MILD subscriber noting a patent titled "Die stacking for modular parallel processors". We also have a "Virtual Compute Die" that is interconnected through a Bridge Chip.

We might not see AMD's next-gen Navi 4C GPU see the light of day, but with this type of technology prowess inside, it would be a disappointment (to say the least) if we didn't see AMD release a monster new Radeon RX 8000 series GPU.