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Aurora Supercomputer Uses Intel Tech: 21,248 CPUs and 63,744 GPUs

Aurora Supercomputer Uses Intel Tech: 21,248 CPUs and 63,744 GPUs
Jun 26, 2023

Intel and Argonne National Laboratory have announced the successful blade installation inside of the Aurora Supercomputer, which means we're not far away from it being fully functional. 

Inside, the Aurora Supercomputer packs a huge 10,624 nodes that in total feature 21,248 Intel Xeon CPUs from the Sapphire Rapids-SP family of processors, while there are a bigger total of 63,477 Intel GPUs that are based on the Ponte Vecchio architecture. We're talking about a 2.12PB/sec of peak injection bandwidth and 0.69PB/sec of peak bisection bandwidth... and that "PB/s" means we're talking about petabytes and not TB/sec (terabytes per second).

There is 10.9PB of DDR5 RAM inside the Aurora Supercomputer as system DRAM, but another couple of pools of memory are spread out across the CPUs and GPUs. We have 1.36PB of HBM capacity throughout the Intel Xeon CPUs and a further 8.16PB of HBM memory throughout the Intel Ponte Vecchio GPUs. There are also 1024 storage nodes that provide a total capacity of 220TB.

Aurora Supercomputer and its gargantuan amount of supercomputing power will be used for tackling climate change, through to finding cures for deadly diseases. With the power of the Aurora Supercomputer, researchers will be able to tackle challenges that demand advanced computing technologies at scale, with Aurora poised to address the needs of the HPC and AI communities, providing the necessary tools to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.