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NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution Released: Chrome + Edge Videos Upscaled with AI

NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution Released: Chrome + Edge Videos Upscaled with AI
Mar 01, 2023

NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution Tech Launches! AI Upscaling Chrome + Edge Videos FTW 🖥️ 🤖 📽️

NVIDIA promised its RTX Video Super Resolution technology a few weeks ago, with the latest GeForce GPU graphics driver including the new AI-powered video upscaling technology.
The new driver enables NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution technology into web browsers including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, upscaling video content on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and Hulu. NVIDIA's new RTX Video Super Resolution technology will upscale your videos, even if you have a glorious 5K display.
NVIDIA's new RTX VSR technology requires a GeForce RTX 40 or RTX 30 series GPU, and works with "nearly all content" streamed on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.  
  • GeForce Game Ready Driver 531.18 WHQL (link to drivers below)
  • NVIDIA Studio Driver (releasing in March)
  • Chrome v110.0.5481.105 or higher
  • Edge v110.0.1587.56 or higher
You will need to enable the feature manually through the NVIDIA Control Panel, where you'll need to: 
  • NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Video > Adjust video image settings
  • RTX video enhancement
  • Super resolution (tick box to enable)
  • Quality settings 1-4

NVIDIA AI Magic... But, How Does It Work?

NVIDIA's new RTX VSR is a breakthrough in AI pixel processing that the company says improves the quality of streamed video content beyond edge detection and feature sharpening. Streamed video + blocky compression artifacts have become the norm over the years, but now RTX VSR is here it'll reduce or completely eliminate artifacts caused by compressing video.

This includes blockiness, ringing artifacts around edges, washout of high-frequency details, and banding on flat areas, all the while reducing lost textures... RTX VSR also sharpens edges and details. Yeah! It actually ADDS detail to the videos you stream through your browser. Awesome, nerdy, AI-powered stuff.

NVIDIA RTX VSR technology taps the world of deep learning networks that perform the actual upscaling and compression artifact reduction... all in a single pass. The network itself analyses the lower-resolution video frame, predicting the residual image at the target resolution. The residual image is then superimposed on top of a traditional upscaled image, correcting the artifact errors and sharpening edges to match the output resolution.

NVIDIA has been training its deep learning network on a wide range of content with various compression levels, with the deep learning network learning about types of compression artifacts that are in low-resolution or low-quality videos that aren't there in uncompressed images, as a reference for network training. NVIDIA has performed "extensive visual evaluation" to ensure that the generated model is effective on "nearly all real-world and gaming content".

Download the new NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 531.18 WHQL drivers here!