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Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Leak: Prepare For 2024

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Leak: Prepare For 2024
Mar 08, 2023

πŸ”«πŸŒ‡πŸŽοΈπŸš¨Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Leak: 2024 πŸ”« πŸŒ‡ 🏎️ 🚨

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be one of the, if not the biggest release of the last 10+ years when Rockstar finally unleashes it... with a new leak suggesting we are to expect a 2024 release for the game. GTA 5 was released in September 2013, so GTA 6 could arrive as the 10-year anniversary present for GTA lovers.
A leaker is reporting that Rockstar could begin teasing GTA 6 later this year, with the full release in 2024... but if it's pushed back, 2025 seems to be the finish line for the game. The leaker adds that Rockstar delaying GTA 6 into 2024+ and not earlier is because it will hit the PC and next-gen consoles -- Xbox Series X/S + PlayStation 5 only -- with no previous-gen consoles supported.
This means we should expect the world of GTA 6 to be bigger, and more alive than ever before thanks to the much higher-end hardware inside of the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5... while on the PC, it should be something truly magical. Rockstar needed to wait for next-gen console sales to reach the 10s of millions so that it can push out a metric ton of GTA 6 sales, which makes sense... no PS3+PS4 or Xbox One release here, unlike GTA 5 which was spread out across all platforms at the time.
Remember: GTA 5 is the second best-selling game of all time, only second to Minecraft.
Tez2, the insider behind the news on GTA 6, reported on by Tom Henderson on Insider Gaming explains: "Their aimed-always-changing-not-set-in-stone deadline is holiday 2024. Which has been pushed back multiple times the past few years. Unfortunately, it could slip into early 2025 as well".
The leaker added: "Speaking of which, most companies are returning with a "forced return to office" policy to revert back to pre-pandemic days. Activision Blizzard is already met with internal backlash. Rockstar is no different. The debate and consequences of the policy are a whole other topic. With almost the entirety of the workforce in office, Rockstar could be more firm about an announcement this year. Yet, losing work talent could very much lead to more delays".