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AMD Instinct MI300X GPU: 192GB HBM3, Made At TSMC, Coming Soon

AMD Instinct MI300X GPU: 192GB HBM3, Made At TSMC, Coming Soon
Jul 24, 2023

AMD is hard at work on its next-gen Instinct MI300X accelerator, featuring its CDNA 3 architecture, and a huge... absolutely huge... 192GB of HBM3 memory with up to 5.2TB/sec of memory bandwidth. Considering AMD's fastest Radeon tops out with 24GB of GDDR6 memory with up to 960GB/sec of memory bandwidth, the Instinct MI300X is an absolute unit.

Inside, we can expect an incredible 152 billion transistors... all perfectly made by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), and not Samsung as some of the recent rumours have suggested. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su was recently in Taiwan meeting with TSMC, confirming that AMD is not working with Samsung, adding that TSMC is a major partner of AMD and that isn't changing. AMD is the second largest customer of TSMC, with a 10% sales share, so that is cemented.

AMD is tapping multiple complex processes to make its Instinct MI300X accelerator, with small chip stacking, 3D SoIC, and advanced packaging CoWoS, which utilises TSMC's most advanced technology. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su explained: "it cannot be done without TSMC", adding that AMD's "relationship with Taiwan is very stable".

AMD's new Instinct MI300X accelerator will launch later this year, and to be clear... they're obviously not for gamers, but for professionals and servers for super-powered AI tasks, and more.