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AMD Eyes Off Making AI GPUs For Chinese Market, Even With US Export Blocks

AMD Eyes Off Making AI GPUs For Chinese Market, Even With US Export Blocks
Aug 03, 2023

The AI GPU market is absolutely exploding right now, with NVIDIA leading the charge and pretty much selling every single GPU it has now, and even waiting months for production... orders on high-end AI GPUs are that big... but AMD on the other hand, is sitting on its hands, for now.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su recently said during the company's Q2 2023 earnings report that there has been a huge 7x increase in AI engagement in the last 3 months alone, something that is pushing AMD into taking a bigger look at its AI GPU offerings. The company is ramping into the launch of its Instinct MI300 accelerator, which drops in Q4 2023, a few months from now.

But with the AI GPU market booming, AMD needs to capitalize on that, especially with pricing shooting through the roof... there's some big money to be made, and take more of it from going into NVIDIA's deep pockets.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su explained: "China is a very important market for us, certainly across our portfolio, as we think about certainly the accelerator market. Our plan is to of course be fully compliant with U.S. Export controls, but we do believe there’s an opportunity to develop product for our customer set in China that is looking for AI solutions, and we’ll continue to work in that direction".