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Welcome to the Allied Creators Hub, where you can learn how to make content and get some sweet Allied Loot in exchange!

We love to hear from you, and we especially love when we get to reward you for submitting stellar content. All you have to do for your chance at some awesome Allied Loot is create content that we can use - an unboxing video, photos of your setup, or even just a video review.

Once you've made your content, either post your video with the #AlliedGaming, or tag us @alliedgamingpc on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. Don’t want to post? Email [email protected] or send us your content via DM.

This is the time to let your creativity shine. We're happy with photos or videos - doesn't matter. As long as we hear from YOU.

There's nothing wrong with getting a little help though, and that's why we've created these handy guides to help you make our favourite types of content. Click below to get some inspiration, or scroll down to read more about what's up for grabs.

What's up for grabs?


The most important question! To start, if we like your video and want to use it on our socials, we'll make sure to send out an Allied Merch Kit - containing the Allied Carrier Backpack and goodies like Allied sunnies, Allied cap, notepads, keyrings, and stickers, for a total value of $225! We'll ship it out free of charge, right to your doorstep - so make sure you either post your video with the #AlliedGaming, or tag us @alliedgamingpc on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. Don’t want to post? Email [email protected] or send us your content via DM.

If we're particularly impressed by your content, we'll be in contact with you to talk about setting you up with whatever you're lacking, whether that's an Allied Tacmat, Flashbang Mouse, Warhead Headset, Sparrowhawk or Firehawk Keyboard, or even a custom INKD side panel. These particular goodies are for the videos we absolutely love; especially ones that show your creativity, passion, and personality - and ones that you've shared with your friends.

Need any tips on how to improve your video? Don't hesitate to contact our in-house content creator Taen. e: [email protected].

Want advice on improving your setup? Why not have a chat with our Chief Gaming Officer Anthony. e: [email protected]


unboxing guide

unboxing EXAMPLES

Looking to score some gear? Check out our handy guide to making an unboxing video, or scroll to the end to see some examples! If we like your content, we might just use it on our socials and send you some epic Allied Loot in return!

First things first, what do you need?

  • You don’t need a high-end 4K camera to shoot your unboxing video, your smartphone will be more than good enough. Make sure to record your video in portrait mode!
  • Choose somewhere with good lighting! Your lounge room, gaming room, or even your kitchen table…If they’re a bit messy (don’t worry, you’re not alone) then you might want to shoot your unboxing video somewhere else.
  • Creativity! Okay so, this isn't essential - you are more than welcome to just use our guide and submit your video - but we would love to see your personality and creativity!

Don’t want to be on camera? That’s totally fine! Here’s some ideas for what you can shoot:

  • Start from the moment your PC hits your doorstep, literally. We’d love to see that iconic Allied box on your front porch! Make sure not to show us your address details though - we don’t want to share that with our followers.
  • Use your knife or scissors to slice open the box and reveal your new Allied PC on camera.
  • Foam? Cloth bag? Internal packaging? Strip your PC down… we want to see that beauty!
  • Now for the most important part - your setup! Show us your rig in all its glory; if you have the space, set it up at your desk and showcase those gorgeous RGB lights. Feel free to show off your personality here as well - got any fun memorabilia you want to show us? An interesting collection? We want to see it!

Want to show off your PC AND your face? Go ahead!

  • Get on camera, and walk us through your unboxing process. Unique hair? Beard? Tats? Cats? Show it off alongside your new PC!
  • You could shoot the process from a hands-on perspective, literally showing your hands on the PC. You don’t need to speak, but you can place your phone or camera somewhere and unbox your new PC in front of it.
  • You might want to present in front of the camera at first with “hey guys, this is John, and THIS is my new Allied Gaming PC” before using other shots you've recorded of your new PC. This is another great way of showcasing your new rig.

Oh, you want to present during your unboxing video? We love your confidence! You can either:

  • Present your unboxing on camera by filming yourself as you unbox it… telling us all about your new PC! 
  • Film your unboxing as you like (on camera or off camera) and add your voiceover afterwards. Want to be the next big YouTuber? Dethrone Linus? Let's GO!

If you’re recording audio, it's important to make sure we can hear you! Choose a relatively quiet area to record. We want to hear what you have to say, so no matter how you film your video, you might want to cover some of these topics:

  • What PC did you buy from us? Which model? Stinger, Patriot, or the ultra-spec M.O.A.B.? Detail the PC specs! CPU, RAM, and GPU especially.
  • Are you upgrading from an old rig or is this your first PC? Tell us everything!
  • Tell us about YOU! What will you use your PC for? What games are you going to play? What resolution and refresh rate?


First of all… thank you. Your unboxing video is something we’re going to cherish. We also cherish YOU. Don’t forget - if we like your content, you can get some incredible Allied Loot in exchange.

Once you've made your content, either post your video with the #AlliedGaming, or tag us @alliedgamingpc on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. Don’t want to post? Email [email protected] or send us your content via DM.


how to shoot your setup


Already have your PC setup? We want to see it! Use this opportunity to show us your personality and maybe even win some Allied Loot in return. Before you hit that record button though, there’s a few things you should do:

First of all, prep your setup! Declutter your desk, manage those cables, turn on any awesome RGB lighting (or lamps) that you’ve got, just try and make your setup… pop. Your desk doesn’t need to be perfect, just make sure it’s presentable! Remember, this might end up on our social media, so don’t put anything in the shot that you don’t want anyone to see, including the 3-day old lasagne that your Mum made ;)

Everyone is different, and we want that to be shown off in your content! Do you have anything that makes you stand out from the crowd… apart from your awesome new Allied Gaming PC? We’re talking about:

  • An interesting gaming setup
  • Plants on your desk? 
  • Gaming memorabilia on your desk or around your gaming setup?
  • Posters on your wall? 
  • RGB lighting? Nanoleaf? RGB lamps? RGB everything?! YES!

All of these would be awesome to see, so SHOW. IT. OFF. We would love to see how unique your setup is, and how much it streams “YOU”. Remember that we #GameAsOne!


Why not record some audio to go with your video? If you need some ideas on what to talk about, maybe start with: What PC did you upgrade from? What PC did you upgrade to? Was it our Stinger, Patriot, or the ultra-spec insane M.O.A.B.? Let us know which build you purchased, and what the specs are… we want to hear ALL about it. 

Once you’ve got your setup all ready… you can begin taking photos or your setup! Make sure you’ve got all your peripherals set up properly – mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, speakers, and everything else – we promise we won't be offended if you don’t have Allied peripherals - this could be your way to get some…

We’re gonna stress: be unique, let the RGB lighting flow, show us how individual your setup is. Gaming and movie posters, plants (and their names!) gaming memorabilia, fun desktop backgrounds, we want to see it all! Be passionate, and most of all… have fun!  

Don’t forget - if we like your content, you can get some incredible Allied Loot in exchange.

Once you've made your content, either post your video with the #AlliedGaming, or tag us @alliedgamingpc on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. Don’t want to post? Email [email protected] or send us your content via DM.